Saturday, February 28, 2015

recipes i've been loving.

if you're not following me on pinterest,
you should be..
i'm an addict!

i've got this sweet potato, turkey & black bean chili in the crock pot today,
health & simple.
love a good crock pot recipe!


when you're feeling like a splurge,
i reach for red velvet.
i made these red velvet and cheesecake swirl brownies
from sally's baking addiction.
i'm not a huge fan of using red food coloring
& have been experimenting with beet juice,
any other suggestions!?

and i basically live off of this soup
which i've talked about previously.
i either use butternutsquash or sweet potatoes
lots of apple cider vinegar
& it's a huge immunity booster!

what are your current favorite recipes?
share your pinterest link in the comments for a new follower!

Friday, February 27, 2015

life questions.

as a child i had enormous fears of death.
middle of the night, wake up parents
& cry, fears of the death.

my parents taught me to distract my thoughts.
& i outgrew the waking up & crying stuff.

but i still question life on a daily basis.
is this all?
am i wasting hours, minutes, seconds?
can i do more?

stop standing still,
start taking chances.

a few months ago we made a big choice.
try a new adventure.
we're still in the logistics,
but hopefully we'll be moving forward soon.

the house is on the market,
the job search is on.
we hope you're still out there
(after a year and a half hiatus).

follow along:

let's have a little heart, courage & brain.
(also live long & prosper!)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

tessa at ten months

and suddenly tessa is ten months old.
when we met our 2 week our niece emily last night,
it was shocking to realize how much tessa has grown.

i don't want to miss out on these last moments of her as our baby.

her striking blue eyes
always attract attention,
punctuated by her white blonde hair.

she is standing on her own,
we're just waiting for that first step.
already talking to us
'momma dada uhoh caca'
screams with excitement
(mimics her big brother)

she is still breastfeeding,
and will be at her first birthday.
she refuses to try anything else,
and i'm obliging her wishes :)

we're still practicing baby led weaning.
her diet is mainly veggies, fruits & meats
with little grains & dairy.
she eats what we eat,
her favorite food is pulled pork & blueberries.

she's sleeping 8 hours straight at night,
then cuddling until morning.
usually santino wakes her up.
her naps are getting more consistent.

four teeth have broken through,
a little gap in the front makes us laugh.
she knows when she makes us laugh,
and she gets so excited.

our family feels so complete.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


when i left my job in February
I had big aspirations to..
work on my etsy shop
& spend more time at Cawman's

however, I'm so easily distracted
especially by big blue eyes

i'm also someone who thrives off being busy..
all this downtime really kills my motivation.

now that the weather is getting beautiful,
i'm sure it's going to get even harder,
but i found some beautiful vintage baby girl dresses.
the perfect medicine to get me motivated.
thankful for a beautiful model..
{ link to this dress on etsy}

and for the first time in 8months this little girl has started taking real naps,
almost two hours of a quiet house.
while all i really want to do is sit on the couch with coffee & homemade paleo bars
& watch long island princesses (you're watching right, trainwreck of loveeee)
i'm determined to get stuff up on etsy.
also i'm clearing out my excess vintage & antique items
i'm going to be hosting a large sale at my house on july 6
more details will come as it gets closer!
{ if you're interested, shoot me an e-mail for the craigslist listing! }

must not look into the blue eyes,
you will be swayed to go to the park for the 'weeeees' (slides)
or 'shop?' (walmart - yea, sad i know)
or 'daahh!' (dunkin donuts, judge me)
or 'mah?' (grandmas).

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

life lately.

summer is around the corner.
tessa just hit 8 months!
still home with my babies.
happy days with lots of laughs!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

smoothies all around.

have you jumped on the smoothie bandwagon yet?
seems like they're everywhere right now.
santino & i are daily smoothie drinkers.
i'm happy he's getting his vitamins
& it's the perfect morning or afternoon snack to keep me away from cookies.

here's a few we've been loving

green smoothies are great because
1. you are tricking yourself into loving veggies
2.  you are getting a ton of nutrients
* be careful you're not over doing the fruit and/or dairy in your smoothie and losing the nutrition!

this green smoothie is adapted from this post i found on pinterest

i bought a box of quart size freezer bags
& stocked up on ingredients at the produce outlet
santino & i split one of these smoothies each day for the two weeks before hawaii

3/4 cup kale (stems removed & roughly chopped)
1/4 cup parsley roughly chopped
1/2 banana cut
1/2 apple cored, peeled and cut

place these ingredients in bags & freeze
when ready to make smoothie,
dump bag into blender
add 1tbsp of flax seed
& 1 scoop of organic whey protein powder
1-2 cups water (or coconut water)
blend until desired consistency

parsley? YES! google health benefits & give it a try,
seriously tastes super fresh & yummy.
recently i've been cutting out the apple & adding more kale..
soo good!

I made this pink smoothie on mother's day
& have made it each day since.
we even let tessa eat some of the steamed BEETS (yes BEETS).
this was my first time:
1. purchasing fresh beets (i always eat & love canned..)
2. purchasing & using almond milk

based on this recipe!
1 banana cut & froze
1 cup cut & frozen strawberries
1/2 peeled & steamed beet (steaming beets is time consuming, cut into slices pre steaming)
1 cup almond milk
1tbsp flax seed


this was such a sweet surprise!

what are your favorite smoothies (with veggies please!?!)